200+ Employee, NASSCOM Emerge 50 , Deloitte fastest growing tech company in Asia Pacific 2012 & India’s leading cloud telephony company is finally at Risk of getting their servers compromised by Black hats. Its a high alert for Knowlarity systems…Early morning today we found out multiple vulnerabilities on knowlarity systems, resulting in server compromise.

A mail was dropped to Knowlarity founders and VP, alerting about multiple vulnerabilities exposed on their commercial product sites. But Surprisingly, No response has been received yet inquiring about the loophole or acknowledging the fix.

Security loopholes resulted in Root Access to knowlarity servers and in turn to the fully exposed customer , product and service database ( Database stores customer credentials, call detail records ans several other service related configuration entries ).

As a proof, we also provided them with the server logs and the detailed information on the compromised data.

Shockingly there were 43 System databases ( MYSQL ) hosted with the as weak credential as possible.

The purpose behind this topic is to bridge the communication gap that may have occurred between our email and knowlarity personals.

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