Gaming websites always Hacker’s Favorite targets because after variant of Gaming websites Crytek also affected by a Cyber Attack and this is not still disclosed what has been hacked but stated by Crytek that “this breach may have resulted in some users’ login data being compromised.”

Currently four of the websites taken down by the Official by Security reasons, Crytek message reads:

We recently became aware of suspicious activity relating to some of Crytek’s websites, and acted quickly to take those websites offline for security reasons.

Four websites taken down:


The Above websites were taken down on Friday and the company stated that the security breach “may have resulted in some users’ login data being compromised.”

Hope all the users accounts are safe because Company also stated that “On Friday afternoon we started to contact all affected users via email and informed them of the potential security breach.”

“Final details of when our sites will be back online will be communicated as soon as possible,” the company added. “We’re currently doing everything in our power to ensure our sites and, more importantly, our users, are not affected by such issues in future.”

Once the four sites jump back online, users with accounts will be asked to change their password during log in. Crytek also suggests that users change their account information on other websites if they use the same login data.  Crytek-owned websites that were not affected by the security breach include, and

These Gaming Firms have been also targeted by Hackers:



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