FBI stated that “We have Dismantled the Anonymous”  and to prove them wrong The Anonymous group of hackers are doing everything.

After the leak of some personal info of FBI from their server, now they leak Details of All US Federal Reserve Bank Employees.

Today they leak an Excel File, the file contains full details of every US Federal Reserve Bank Employee, the first file they leak was removed but later they uploaded a file to another server located in Zimbabwe.

One of the Anonymous hacker said after the leak:

“The central banking and finance system has systematically defrauded the planet and bears responsibility for unfathomable death and misery.

Anonymous hacker tweeted about the Leak:

The leak link is still working.


  1. Please, don’t tell me that all these people in the image then took to the streets claiming to have done the work, of this one hacker… ANONYMOUS all over. 99% media-fags, 1% actual hackers.


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