After the April of this year, Anonymous group of hackers again starts #OpBahrain, they gonna launch a tweetstorm for that and will attack on various websites of the regime and also of anyone who supports the regime. This may include western pr firms who are paid to white wash the crimes of the dictator in Manama.

Here is the Press Release by Anonymous Hackers regarding #OpBahrain:


Anonymous Operation Bahrain Press Release: Tamarrod Bahrain Action
Wednesday – August 14, 2013 6:30 AM ET USA
Greetings World —
We are Anonymous. We have been fighting along side our noble brothers and sisters in Bahrain now since February 2011. When the Saudi Troops came across the causeway to crush the courageous occupation at the now destroyed Pearl Roundabout, we were there to bear witness and help with media. When the self-proclaimed “King” of Bahrain ordered the arrest of doctors and nurses for treating protesters we attacked the government websites and servers in Bahrain relentlessly. When the human scum Bernie Eccelstone ran his blood race in Bahrain two years in a row, we wrecked the F1 Grand Prix sites and dumped the personal data of all who supported these blood races by purchasing tickets. Everyday we monitor the ongoing protests in Bahrain, lending assistance where we can sometimes one individual at a time. We scan the Bahrain Internet, watching for any shutdown, interference – or attempts to surveil activists or journalists. We are gratified that our mask, the physical symbol of our movement has been outlawed in Bahrain. So long as the “King” reigns in Manama, and the people of Bahrain remain steadfast – we will never abandon our comrades.
Today, the Bahrain Resistance will begin a new phase of their rebellion: Tammarrod Bahrain. This afternoon Bahrain will be flooded with protesters for the Tamarrod Bahrain day. Bahrain’s prime minister said on Monday his government would “forcefully confront” protests, and warned those behind planned demonstrations that they would be punished. This is unacceptable, undemocratic and we will not tolerate this. Anonymous will conduct the following action in support of Tammarod Bahrain:
1) Beginning at 1:00 PM ET USA Anonymous will launch a TwitterStorm to enlighten the world regarding the atrocities committed by the “King” of Bahrain.
2) Also beginning at 1:00 PM ET USA and running throughout the day, Anonymous will attack various websites of the regime and also of anyone who supports the regime. This may include western pr firms who are paid to white wash the crimes of the dictator in Manama.
These actions may include other activities not mentioned, as we will do whatever is necessary as the situation unfolds. We anticipate the protests will extend beyond today, and our action will continue for however long the Tammarod Bahrain movement sustains protests in the streets. Anonymous will never abandoned Bahrain. We encourage the media to follow the Twitter accounts mentioned on the bottom of this press release.
We call upon everyone outside of Bahrain to use their virtual skills to give Bahrainis their voice back. Bloggers, twitterians, facebookians, artists, hackers. To the brave and noble people of Bahrain: If you do not want to go to the streets get on the Internet. Contact us and let us know what is happening on the ground. Let us know the truth so we can spread it. We stand by your side on this glorious day. Be brave dear friends, have no fear and know that we in Anonymous are with you always.
We Are Anonymous
We Are Everywhere
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive Tyranny
We Do Not Forget Crimes Against Humanity
To the “King” in Manama, your days are numbered – expect rebellion. Expect Tammarod. And Expect Anonymous
Operation Bahrain –
Anonymous Global –
Follow These Twitter Accounts For Updates:

We will cover every hacks of Hackers regarding this #OpBahrain, so keep updated with us.


As Anonymous hackers said, they hacked some of the Bahrain Govt. websites, they hit by DDoS Attacks, below is the websites attacked by hackers:




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