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Various Pakistan Govt. Websites hacked by Afghan Cyber Army

Posted By: Praveen Kashyap | Posted in: Govt. Hacks Pakistan Website Defacing Website Hacked | Time Posted: July 12, 2013 at 5:47 am

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 Pakistani website hacked wall

Latest message of the Hacker group from Afghanistan says that they have hacked various Pakistan Govt. Websites; they message us about their hack.

In the message, they send us the websites they hacked:

After the recheck of the websites, we found them hacked and hackers defaced the webpage with some images and written a message to the Pakistan Government, which reads:

Pray for all the innocent victims of Kabul attack this is a small answer From All Afghans Remember We are the new generation of Afghanistan and we are not stupid…
We do not fear anyone or anything. We are united Alhamdullilah. We fight together, We stand together, We die together. !You can just kill innocent people,Women and
Childrens.But There is no Future for you.We are coming with huge speed.Corruption will be under control.. Afghans will have Money and Power. Then there will be no
one to Save you And Remember: WE ARE AFGHANS, we don’t forget we don’t forgive. .We will revenge our brother’s blood Today or Tomorrow, we or our children.
Rest in peace the Heroes of Afghanistan we will never forgot your Sacrifice and we never will let porkies and this world forget it too..

Website are hacked till now at the time we are publishing this news.


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