Now your Favorite “Windows XP” on its ends means Microsoft announced that it is going to stop all the services related to Windows XP OS from April 8 Next Year and you know if you will not change or upgrade your OS then you could be the next target for the hackers.

Indian Cyber Security Sleuths have issued an alert for those using the Windows XP OS in their systems and advised them to immediate Upgrade of the OS.

According to cyberspace authorities monitoring the Indian internet systems, the decision will have a direct effect for the all the users working on the same OS.

Some points to remember if you still think that you cannot stop using Windows XP because “The end of support of Windows XP Operating System means that Microsoft will not provide:

  • Security updates
  • Non-security hotfixes
  • Free or paid assisted support
  • Any online technical support for the Windows XP.

As you read above facts and according to that in the absence of the Patches and security updates you are like a Soldier without Guns and at the time of attack you are unable to do anything, here the soldier is you and attacker is a Hacker.

We also strongly recommend you to Immediate Upgrade your OS before April 2014.

Microsoft had initially released Windows XP OS in August 2001. The current release version of Windows XP is called the Windows XP Service Pack 3. Since then, three successor versions of client based OS namely Windows Vista in November 2006, Windows 7 in July 2009 and Windows 8 in August 2012 were released by Microsoft.

The latest client based OS available from the Microsoft stable is Windows 8.



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