Sector505 Hackers group message about their latest hack attack on the Transport, Maritime and Communications Affairs system of Turkey

And they also leaked a confidential document from the website.

The leaked document is about the cancellation of 3 Bridges in Istanbul and as you can see in the image below that the document is signed by Maritime Transport and Communications minister.

Minister signed the document says:

The plans and real process of the first steps for the bridge are wrong. So that mistakes are made. Even though 250k+ trees have been cut for nothing!


Secret Turkish Doc

During the chat we asked the hackers group for more info about how they hacked the Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Department system but they refused that and stated they have more documents, so we can say that they will leak more documents in future, as any of the new document leaks, we will update that here.

Just 2 Days ago Govt. of Turkey – Eskişehir governor’s official website was also taken down by sector505.



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