PP Party hacked

We catched the latest news from softpedia that anonymous hackers have defaced the official website of spain’s People’s party (Partido Popular), which is the country’s governing party.

They defaced the website and also leaked 5Gb of documents that allegedly represents the party’s financial accounts from the duration 1990 to 2011.

But Party totally refused to release the documents after a judge overseeing a political corruption scandal asked to see them.

The leaked data is out on various torrent sites, blogs and other websites, we are finding some more info in this news, they also leaked these documents at the pastebin.

According to a video statement published by the hackers a couple of days ago, the documents show that the People’s Party has used public money to buy expensive cars, a pony and other items.

The hacktivists are displeased with the fact that the party keeps talking about austerity and cuts while it “robs” the people.



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