In this Modern Era everyone knows that his/her latest mobile can be hacked by hackers but now The sim card hacking flaw was discovered by German programmer Karsten Nohl, who has informed mobile operators of the potential danger.

After that all the Mobile phone users have been put on an alert that their sim cards can be hacked anytime which leads to fraud and soaring premium rate bills.

On the other hands, if we talk about the mobile operators then they says that they already aware about this flaw and taking steps to patch the flaw before customers are hit.

Worldwide Mobile Phones are Major source to be used in accessing online banking and other sensitive personal information and if the discovered flaw will be used by Hackers can make a privacy disaster, this flaw also makes some noise for the mobile customers who use their smartphones to pay bills and transfer money.

The security flaw is due to aging sim card security technology, which has struggled to keep up with high-tech smartphones such as the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

Flaw Researcher (Karsten Nohl) says something about his Flaw:

“Give me any phone number and there is some chance I will, a few minutes later, be able to remotely control this SIM cards and even make a copy of it,”

The hack works by manipulating a coding technology used by operators to update sim cards. Properly equipped, a hacker can send a code to a sim card to gain access to a phone’s systems, from where fraudulent activity can be perpetrated.

Nohl said that a quarter of all sim cards he tested could be hacked.

However, the international umbrella mobile operator organisation, the GSMA, said that the flaw was limited to a minority of sim cards and that newer sim cards may not be affected.. It said that it had advised operators of the security risks involved.



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