After the online Protest of REDHACK a Turkish Hacker group for supporting and helping the people through hacking,defacing and leak of Govt. Authorities during Gezi Resistance, Police now submitted a report Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office, identifying RedHack as a “cyber terrorist organization” that encouraged public to commit crimes via twitter during Gezi Resistance.

If we talk about the words they using for the REDHACK is “cyber terrorist organization”

But according to comments on our website, RedHack is ROBIN HOOD for them, we didn’t say these words, these are the words from a Turkish Man, he commented on the news we published when Istanbul Special Provincial Administration Hacked by REDHACK

The Turkish Man said:

I just congruagulate ! TheRedHack symbolizes TheRobinHood for me !

 Screenshot of the Comment by the Turkish Man:

Turkish Man Comment

After the Police said RedHack a “cyber terrorist organization” RedHack protested the alleged police report with a hashtag “#RedHackisNotTerrorist” on twitter.

Some of the RedHack Tweets:

  • If terrorism means suppressing the public with fear and violence, who is doing it then? RedHack or AKP? #RedHackisNotTerrorist
  • Only in one month police put 65 people into coma, injured 10,000, left 12 eyeless and killed 5. They called us a terrorist. #RedHackisNotTerrorist
  • Let them call us a terrorist. We will not yield in on our struggle to demand freedom and justice and hacking while our people are suffering! #RedHackisNotTerrorist (EKN/BM)



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