Just 4 days ago, Anonymous hackers called all the protesters for the Biggest Protest in Brazil on September 7 of this year but the latest update on that news is that a Hackers Group from Brazil named DK Brazil Hackteam hacked and defaced a govt. website of Brazil under #‎OperacaoSeteDeSetembro‬.

The website they hacked is the subdomain of security institute of the servants of the stage of sergipe sergipeprevidencia (

Here is the defaced page screenshot:

Anonymous also hacked Brazilian Govt. Stuff in the past:

We will cover up this Online Protest by Anonymous and update you with the every movement of Anonymous regarding #‎OperacaoSeteDeSetembro‬.

UPDATE: 7/28/2013

One more Brazilian Govt. Website also taken down by the same hacker group under #‎OperacaoSeteDeSetembro‬

DK Brazil Hack Team hacked and defaced the Jaguapita Municipality website, the page was defaced by intro of DK Brazil Hack Team along with the video below:

Jaguapita is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Paraná.

The website still defaced at the time of updating this news, every future hacks related to this #‎OperacaoSeteDeSetembro‬ will be updated {HERE}



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