After a hacking attempt Bohemia Interactive’s forums have been temporarily shut down, in the hacking attempt registered user’s information have been compromised.

Personal information of users stored on the servers of Arma III and DayZdeveloper Bohemia Interactive has been obtained by hackers, the studio has announced.

A statement also published by the Bohemia Interactive Website about the confirmation of the hacking attempt by the hackers

  • “We have unfortunately discovered that an illegal attempt has been made to access certain of our online websites, leading to the download of a database containing usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords,” writes the developer.
  • “Please note due to the encryption of the passwords it is very unlikely that anything nefarious can be done with this information,” adds Bohemia.
  • “We would like to reassure everyone that no other information such as credit card details is stored by us and thus was not at any risk from this illegal breach.”

In response to the hacking attempt, Bohemia has reset the passwords of its registered users “as a precaution.”



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