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Hackers who were behind the massive cyber attack on south korea earlier this year in which they crashed south Korean banks and TV Broadcasters networks and they are now targeting the country’s Military secrets.

McAfee Labs issued a report about this issue and said that the hacking group successfully created a Malware which scans systems for keyword including “Weapon”, “US Army” and “Secret”.

McAfee warns that if the hackers succeed in compromising networks they could “grab documents at will”, although South Korea has played down the threat.

According to the Country’s Defence Ministry, they told to Associated Press that it was “technically impossible” to lose classified reports because the computers on which military secrets were stored were not connected to the internet.

The US Pentagon, however, says it is reviewing the McAfee report.

McAfee said it had opted to withhold other “sensitive” hacking search terms in its report “at the request of US officials”.

McAfee also believes that the attacks were part of a long-term spying operation going back at least 2009.

The Malware used by the hackers earlier this year was different from the malware they are using this time but they both were created by the same hacking group.

McAfee traced the spying effort back to 2009, when it said the hackers managed to place a security exploit on a military social networking site.

It is still unconfirmed that who was behind the March attack although the Government has said that it suspects North Korea could be involved.



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