Hackers claiming to be from Gaza Hacker Team hacked The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) website, attack was taken place on sunday night.

Hackers targeted the Exchange Rates section of the site which was hacked and defaced with the messages in both English and French in a marquee that scrolled through the site.

The Message reads:

“…But all your interests and your citizens in all parts of the world will be our legitimate targets! So, if you want the safety of yourselves, possessions and interests from our revenge, Depart all soldiers from our land “Mali””

Here is the Screenshot of the defaced page:

The url to the main site ( gave a ‘Not Found’ response moments after the attack.

After the hack the website was blocked for many visitors around the world who use the site to access exchange rates information for buisness or travel purposes.

In the mean the  website has been recovered and working fine but still the homepage of the website taking time to load.

VIA – standardmedia



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