Apple developer site was offline since last Thursday; Apple did not comment on the incident until yesterday, blaming hackers for breaking into the site and Stealing login credentials for 275000 External Third party developers.

Apple sent an email to developers yesterday citing the hack and that they are renewing their developer systems, updating software and rebuilding entire database. People have reported that their account passwords were changed, probably meaning that the hackers had stolen important information like passwords or secret questions/answers from the site and they are trying to use it.

Apple reported hackers couldn’t get access to the developer code, but if they did, they would have been able to upload malicious applications to the ‘App Store’. The Apple Store was also unavailable on Sunday for almost 20 minutes, highlighting that the company might be doing wide security inspections.

More companies are getting attacked by highly skilled hackers; similar hacking activities have been reported in the last few months like the Android master key exploit which exposed 900 million phones, the ‘Ubuntu Forums’ hack which disclosed 1.8 Million user credentials, the hack on ‘Truecaller’ which disclosed 900 Million contact information, the hack on ‘Living social’ with 50 Million users and the famous ‘Linkedin’ hack with 20 million user credentials stolen.

[author image=””] Mohamad Amin Hasbini Joined Kaspersky Lab in 2013 and was appointed Senior Security Researcher in the company’s Global Research & Analysis Team. [/author]



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