4 Days Ago we reported that Anonymous takes down the Gabon President website and now the same anonymous hacker who takes down the president’s website also takes down the treasury website of Gabon.

Why #OpGabon?

“Kill, steal and murder, promotions await you,” say the people of Gabon. The number of killings escalates when an election or political nominations are near. There were 290 ritual killings between 1986 – 2012 just for the province of OgoouĂ©-Ivingo. Since 2009, about 181 killings and mutilations have been reported, including 42 only from January to June 2012. The real numbers are probably much higher as many are afraid to report. There has been no conviction for any person (mostly politicians) known for having given orders for the killings.

Anoymous tweeted us about their TangoDown:


After a check we also found that Down:

Anonymous hacker also gives us some leak links from various Gabon Ministry websites and we will publish them after some hours, so keep tune here and catch the latest updates.



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