Anonymous revenge

HAWTHORNE, CA – On 30th of the last month a police officer shot a  dog dead because the dog wanted to help its owner and after that for the humanity, Anonymous comes in front and launched a cyber attack on the Hawthorne Police Department (HPD) website.

Anonymous also uploaded their signature video on youtube in which you can easily watch out that how the police officer shot a dog dead and also left message for the HPD, which reads:

“Recently you watched a well-known video involving a police officer from Hawthorne that shot a dog dead because the dog wanted to help its owner, that is unacceptable, police of Hawthorne you must know that you are our primary targets, this matter will not remain unresolved. We are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, and we do not forget… Expect us…”

Video released by Anonymous:

[ads1]The cyber-attack has crippled the HPD website, and has overloaded the departments phone lines with threatening calls and auto messages. The Anonymous cyber-attack has been ongoing since the beginning of this month.

The cyber-attack is in response to Officer Jeffrey Salmon’s fatal shooting of Leon Rosby’s dog Max. The shooting happened on the 30th of last month.


    • So, let me see if I have this straight. Professional lawyered-up victim driving through neighborhood parks car when he sees the police, leaves stereo blasting, brings dog along to intimidate them and show the bystanders what a badass crusader he is, with predictable bad shit happening when you go out of your way to fuck with the police result, then claims to be “targeted” by the police. What am I missing here?

      I’ve made my decision… And the asshole of the week award goes to…52-year-old Leon Rosby. Because you’re old enough to know better, motherfucker!

        • You’re a goon. He stated he was standing there watching. Why didn’t the cops go after all the people on the other side of the street? That video did nothing but make the cops like idiots and made your opinion totally unfounded.

          • The cops had no reason to go after people across the street, they were keeping a safe distance. Leon and his actions on the other hand did.

      • You’re not wrong with most of what you you said. However, it does not mean the police just get to shoot peoples pets. They should have maced the dog or handled that situation differently. Just because Leon Rosby acted foolish doesn’t mean the officer should just get off scott free.

        Guy who said the cop needs to be shot is a douche though. Wishing death on the cop or that he gets shot doesn’t help the situation. You’re just immature OP, grow up.

        • BOB… you think cops doing and acting like this… and more and more vids hitting youtube… think its gona get better fort hem… COPS made this bed… dont cry for them now.

        • Mace does not do all that much to dogs, ask any postal worker. Most will be provoked into attacking with using mace. Had the dog been tased I am sure the reaction would be that there was no reason to tase the dog. I’ve watched both videos. The officer tried to grab the leash twice. On the 2nd time the dog lunged and officers reacted. Had Leon simply left his dog secured inside his car this would not have happened.

          • Didn’t appear Rosby was a flight risk, they could easily have released him to contain his dog. Mr sunglasses put the entire force at risk with his actions inflaming already strained relationship of citizens/police, by discharging his firearm in the midst of a standoff. If you thought Rosby recording police was a distraction, then perhaps you also will admit gunfire in a standoff situation is more so. This irresponsible law enforcement officer should never leave desk duty.

          • Flight risk is a term used in court when setting bail. I do agree that other steps *could* have been taken. The cops could have released Leon. That usually does not happen when under arrest. If they released him to secure his dog what stops Leon from jumping in his car and leading police on a car chase? Then again Leon could have left the dog secured in his car in the first place.

          • He shouldn’t even be on desk duty imho. Maybe he could suck the fart stench out of the cruisers. Otoh, he might fail at that too. Official Picker up of Dog Doodoo maybe?

          • You’re wrong, again… Pepper spray, mace and tasers have all been PROVEN to work on all kinds of dogs. Try again.

      • obviously you are a dolt. the only difference between him and the guys across the street was, uhm, the street. For 90% of the video the cops were basically ignoring him as should have been the case as neither he nor the dog were acting in a threatening manner.

        In fact, they did not begin to approach until he turned to leave.

        Upon approach, the IMMEDIATELY took to the jack-boot-thug s.o.p.

        Obviously the dog was not happy about this while in the car, but once out he was doing little more than sniffing legs as dogs do. The dog did not even approach violence until the cop started kicking at it. Or maybe he was shaking tinkle out of his pant leg, cant really tell.

        The primary cause of escalation in police encounters is the police themselves. The police of today are not the ‘polyester police’ of my youth.

        It is sheep like you condoning this behavior that keeps it happening!


        • Name calling? You must still be in high school. “the only difference between him and the guys across the street was, uhm, the street” Yea because everyone else was smart enough to keep a safe distance away from an active police scene. Find an active police scene and interfere with it, see how quickly you are arrested. Also, Go find the 2 unedited videos and listen closely. You will hear the police ask him to keep away and hear him taunt the officers.

          In fact, he turned around and put his dog away when the officers turned twords him.

          Obviously the dog should have never been taken out of the car in the first place. …and the dog had a threatening posture the whole time.

          • First off, the man had a phone in his hand, not a gun. The police had no reason to make an issue out if it, unless they had something to hide. The police where in the wrong, not the man filming them. He did nothing to be arrested for, there for the dog should of never been shot. The whole thing could of been avoided if the police would of just went about their business. I still want to know what they where doing, that they felt him recording it would of put them in “danger”. In danger of being exposed for the corrupt cops they are!

          • The police were at the scene were ARMED robbery suspects are hold up in a house. They established an active police perimeter and were int he process of trying to get them to come out of their house. Leon interfered with that active police perimeter and suffered the consequences. If you actually listen to what is goin on in BOTH videos you will hear the the police made a few requests for Leon to lower the radio in his car and to step back away from the active police perimeter. He got arrested and he got his dog killed.

            Please don’t believe me! Next time you see an active police perimeter go ahead and get close to it. When the officers tell you to get back, ignore them. Don’t be surprised when you get arrested.

          • True, he may have gone against the officers wishes, but if it were an ACTIVE perimeter, don’t you think they would have stopped him from reaching the point he did? The Officer who fired upon the dog was too quick to judge. Had it been his own, the outcome would have been different. Had the Officer used his brain, the outcome would have been different.

          • Yes, citizens do have rights just as police have laws to enforce and I am one well informed citizen. Why would I jump neck deep into this w/o knowing what I am talking about?

          • Doesn’t matter, Rotties are like 100lb dogs…8 year olds weigh that much. If this dude can’t wrestle an 8 year old, he needs to get a new job… Guy discharges a weapon just feet away from bystanders, some of which were children. He is a liability and a danger to the public. I hope someone corners him and makes him plead for his life…whether or not that person hears his pleas, who cares.

          • See this shows how little you think you know about dogs. The Male averages 110–130 lb so you were close there. If the dog was 8 years old it would be old. Average life span of this dog is 9–10 years. I would not want to wrestle with an aggressive animal with a 2500 lb bite, do you? The rest of what you have to say here is rubbish.

          • The dog is not 8 years old, but only 3 years old. (justin probably refers to an 8 year old kid) and the owner had him since he was 6 weeks old.

            The owner did not let the dog out, but the dog jumped from the window himself. and if a dog attacks u and then do u shoot the dog cause the dog may harm you. I was bit by dogs couple of times, I should have shot them right. THEN SHOULD EVERYONE GET A GUN, SO THAT THEY CAN STAY SAFE FROM THE DOG??? The police could call an animal control to used taser to clam the dog. NO, he decided to shoot the dog, cause it could have bit him. Dogs are animals, they are not intellectual as humans are. Clearly the police proves it’s wrong. He is much bigger idiot than the dog. Atleast the dog runs to protect it’s owner cause he has animal instincts to protect his loved ones.

          • Wow just when you thought the topic dead. 1. Seriously if you are a responsible dog owner (specially of bigger breeds) you KNOW to keep your windows up to a point the animal cannot get out when transporting them in vehicles. . 2. The time from the dog jumping out the window to being shot is like a 30 seconds tops? Where did they have time to call in animal control? Be reasonable. 3. The officer perceived the dog as a threat to not only him but the other officers. I would imagine that training took over from there and lethal force was used. 4. The owner should have left the dog in the car with the windows rolled up to a point where the dog could not get out just incase the officers should have any problem with the actions the owner was going to do. Imagine how DIFFERENT the scene would have played out IF the owner left the dog in the car…. Dog would still be alive, The owner may still have been arrested but the dog would have lived. nuff said. can we let this topic die now?

          • yea sure, but the dog was left in the car! If the owner would have been arrested then the dog would be left in the car suffocating in the heat (with the windows up).
            It is not only a crime to leave baby in the car alone but a dog too.

          • Zomg really? >.< No, actually the police would have to call animal control to come take the dog out of the car and to a shelter where the owner (once out of jail) would be able to claim his animal. The car then would be towed (remember it was parked int he street?) to an impound where the owner (once out of jail) would be able to claim it. Dog would still be alive. Please tell me you are a rational person and can see beyond the thoughtless postings of others…

          • That is bullshit! He was doing nothing wrong. It would not of been a big deal, The cop made it a big deal. It could of and should of been avoided! I don’t care what you say!

          • Plus the fact that police will even bust into someone’s house, and shot their dog for protecting them. They get away with too much simply because they carry a badge. How many of them are vet’s, and are still not right in the head because of that? They obviously are not right in the head, and can’t seem to be able to tell if they are really in danger or not, and over react all the time!

          • We are not talking about other situations or officers. We are talking about this topic that was (thankfully) video taped from two different angles.

          • It does not matter. This happens too much, and does not change the fact that it could of and should of been avoided!

          • I 100% agree with you. Leon could have (secured his dog in the car) and should of (never taken his dog out of the car) and his dog would have avoided getting killed because of its owners stupidity.

          • Oh the owner did a few things wrong. One stopping and getting out of his car in the middle of the street. aka blocking traffic. If you watch both videos you can hear LEon taunting the officers and the officers ask him quite a few times to move away from the police line. Which he does not. aka disobeying a lawful police order. Everyone else that was watching the police kept safe distance, Leon should have secured his dog in the car. instead Leon used his dog in a “let me pull my big god out and see if a cop messes with me” sort of way.

            Seriously use your head here. I’ve said ot over and over and over again. Leon should have never taken his dog out of the car. He should have rolled his windows up and exited the car. He did not do that and Leons actions forced the cops into their actions.

          • Then I am glad that I left you back in high school to play with all the kids while I moved into the adult world where name calling is a joke. ;)

          • It still doesn’t change the fact that you’re a puppet. I don’t care if you like it or not. You ARE what you ARE.
            Fucking pussy ass crybaby… LMAO

            “Name calling isn’t nice!”
            *Insert bitch slap*

          • Lol, *Insert bitch slap*? If your avatar photo didn’t show me what you look like I would SWEAR you were like 14 or something. Hell, I’m surprised you didn’t add a hashtag too. hahaha.

          • I’m a sheep for having an open mind and the common sense to take in everything that is happening in the situation. All you see if a cop shooting a dog and youjump on the cop hater band wagon. ….and i’m the sheep? lulz.

          • BAAAAAAA!

            The Pig’s a murderer. Plain and simple. It’s a murder charge if you kill a K-9 even while defending yourself out of fear, etc. why should this be treated any differently?

            That scumbag should be in prison getting butt fucked for 1st degree murder.

          • :smh: you are *really* late to the party.

            *if you kill a K9 police dog, really important detail you left out.

          • what about the people sitting on the side walk between the arresting officers and the crime scene. are they not closer then the dog owner. we fail often to see all the details look close and you will see them, setting between cars.

          • Leon was asked several times to lower his radio and to keep back away from the police perimeter. He ignored those commands and was arrested for it. The other people and their actions were not a disturbance to the police officers, only Leon’s actions were.

          • Yeah, except that’s not illegal…My god you people are stupid. “Oh no, you’re radio is too loud, so I’m gonna exercise my imagined authority in the matter and illegally arrest you, then kill your dog and say you were obstructing justice…from across the street…about 30 feet from said perimeter…with other people much closer…” You are seriously some special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

          • You are such an ignorant bitch. You are the kind of faggot who would let the cops strip search your wife while you watch helplessly under the false pretense of “proprable cause”. Yes, Leon’s intentions were to intimidate the cops LEGALLY. Turning up your music in your car at 5 pm is LEGAL. Filming the police in a public place regardless of whether it’s an “active crime scene” is LEGAL. There were no visible perimiters the cops had set. Even if Leon breached the perimiter and was deemed interfering with police duties, the cops didn’t need to shoot the dog unless his life was threatened of which lethal force was the last resort. A little spray fo pepper spray would be suffice. My Uncle is a cop and he is fucking ashamed of their misconduct and trigger happy behaviour. We have cops and then we have PIGS. fucking pigs.

          • … original, comeup with that insult yourself? Actually I know my rights and how to enforce them. …and it is probable cause..

            Actually turning up the music in your car so it can be heard at a particular distance is illegal in most states but we will say that was legal, So was the filming, not arguing that. What was illegal was him stopping his car in the middle of the street. What was illegal was Leon ignoring police commands to move back away from the perimeter. His interference (both verbal and use of car radio) with an active police investigation is what got him arrested.

            If you watch the 2nd video you will see that the officers DID try to grab the leash twice and the dog lunged each time. Pepper spray does jack shit to a dog but piss it off.

            Also I more then believe that a 100+ pound adult dog with a biting strength of over 2500 pounds taking a threatening posture that attempts to bite an officer trying to secure it can and will call for lethal force

            Now consider this oh narrow minded fool, what would have happened if Leon would have just kept driving… His dog would still be alive. Leon forced them into the position of killing that dog.

            (Btw…If you really had family in the police force you would know there does not need to be a marked police perimeter. Marked perimeters is a Hollywood movie thing)

          • Are you mildly retarded? You’ve obviously never owned a dog, did you google those fake facts? Turning up your radio before a set noise ordinance time is not illegal. There were people closer to “the perimeter”, so there goes that argument. Pepper spray and tasers have been PROVEN to stop dogs, of all sorts of sizes. Also, 100 lbs. is the weight of an 8-10 year old…You’re telling me that’s life threatening? Even if it did bite him, it’s not gonna kill him, I’ve had a Rottie the same size. Get real, moron, nothing you say has any basis in reality, scumbag.

          • Actually I am well informed and have owned many dogs thru the years.Different states and cities have laws about how loud a car radio can be that is not restricted by time. Leon was the only person that got that close, did you even watch the videos? Pepper spray and mace are deterrents to dogs and do not stop them all, ask any postal service worker. 100 is on the low side of average for a 8-10 year old.

      • “So, let me see if I have this straight. Professional lawyered-up victim
        driving through neighborhood parks car when he sees the police, leaves
        stereo blasting, brings dog along to intimidate them and show the
        bystanders what a badass crusader he is, with predictable bad shit
        happening when you go out of your way to fuck with the police result,
        then claims to be “targeted” by the police. What am I missing here?”

        the fact that that is only your interpretation of things, and that explanation doesn’t remotely justify murder. at the same time, embarrassing these officers is one thing, saying they need to be shot only enrages the near non-issue at hand. there’s no issue – if i have to shoot and kill a family member of yours because “you’re old enough to know better”… well just stop and think about your family member being killed and tell me how that makes you feel. it’s a non-issue: cop loses his badge.

          • Well where is that going to get anyone? Why would you divide yourself from a potential ally to satisfy the same violent craving as the officer we both disapprove? I ask to refine the language/intent – shooting cops will get more passage of national security measures to completely wipe out all free people. Stopping cops from this behavior requires a more serious, committed effort that doesn’t lead to instant arrest of free people.

        • TIB fuck this cops family… you mean BIG breeders… LOVE the site got hacked and phone lines are clogged… hope it keeps up… COPS cant do anything… they are report takers… and ticket givers… and dog killers…

          • Interpret what you want: if you murder my animal because you are personally afraid, wtf do you think your judgment day will look like? If you justify killing an unarmed creature before using your brain to communicate any thousands of other ways, then you just signed your own death warrant. So with that, be bound to your views my friend.

          • In the 2nd video you can clearly see the dog lunge to bite the officer that is trying to grab the dogs leash.

            Dogs unarmed? I guess all those 42 teeth and a bite strength of 2400 pounds of pressure per square inch is just for show huh?

            I am sad the dog got killed too. All it was doing is coming to the rescue of his master which was being “attacked” by two other men (no way the dog knows they are police)

            The big picture here is Leon had no reason to take the dog out of his car. He had no reason to approach the police scene like he did. His actions got him arrested and his dog killed. If he had left the dog int he car secured, the dog would still be alive.

          • That’s just weak and excuse filled. Try to make the best of the situation, that’s your job as an officer. Any normal human being who has experience with dogs know that no dog can do significant harm unless the victim plays victim. You’re playing victim for this officer, and he’s a cold blooded murderer – did you see those links you sent me?

          • I’ve had 6 dogs in my lifetime. One of those a rott and one of those a pitt…

            what? Weak and excuse filled? Dogs do no significant harm? You are right, unless the dog bites you. 42 teeth designed to act like scissors with a bite strength of 2400 pounds of pressure per square inch will do hella lot of damage.

          • Animals only act with what you bring – if a dog ever bit you, you made it happen yourself. So you shoot down the problems you create?

          • No they do not. I have been bitten by 3 dogs in my lifetime. The doberman pincer that bit me escaped the owners fence, saw me rollerskating by on the street and attacked me. The german shepherd that bit me jumped a fence as friends and I played football in my back yard and attacked me. The pit pull that bit me attacked me as I got out of a friends pool. None of these instances I caused myself.

          • Apparently not to you – I’ve done my growing into a responsible, empathetic, independent, communicable man. If you suffer from dog bites its something you are doing. That’s not something which can be argued – we can simply film your behavior with animals and pick you apart. Respect your evolution or fade out and stop spreading defense for violent behavior.

          • Right so roller skating on a public street and getting attacked by a dog that got out of its pen is somehow MY fault. Playing football in my back yard when a dog jumped the fence and attacks me is somehow my fault. Dude i’m done debating with you.

          • Just remember, in any given situation you don’t have one option, two options, or three options, but an endless range of possibilities to deal with any given problem. May the Force be with you friend

          • Actually dogs just don’t “often” randomly attack. Either you were extremely unlucky or you missed the dogs warning signs meaning you did cause it yourself by not being aware.

          • Riiiiiight don’t often attack but they do attack unprovoked. I have the scars to prove it.

          • Dog lunged after officer reached toward him, while holding his owner. Normal behavior for a protective canine. Way to go Anonymous! They expected you, and you showed up. Woot!

          • The second video was a fuck up on their part. I mean hello OFFICER FOOT meets Leash if they were that fucking scared all they’d have to do is step down on the dog’s leash it’s not that hard. I’ve secured several dogs actually trying to attack me by a catch pole or by grabbing their leash. They had absolutely no reason to shoot that dog four *Yes thats right four* Times in the head.

          • If you pay attention in the 2nd video the rott lunges twice at the officer that is trying to grab the leash. The 2nd happens just before the dog is shot.

            Rottweilers are a powerful breed (Their bite equals 2400 pounds of pressure per square inch) with a potentially dangerous behavior that results from irresponsible ownership, abuse, neglect, or lack of socialization and training. It is for this reason that breed experts declare that formal training and extensive socialisation are essential for all Rottweilers. Rottweilers love their owners and behave in a clownish manner toward family and friends, but they are also protective of their territory and do not welcome strangers until properly introduced.

            That bite strength is double that of the German Shepherd. You telling me you would stop on the leash of a adult rott and risk getting bit?

            If the rott was shot 4 times in the head it

      • “In recent years, police officers have shot and killed chihuahuas, golden retrievers, labs, miniature dachshunds, Wheaton terriers, and Jack Russell terriers. In 2012 a California police officer shot and killed a boxer puppy and pregnant chihuahua, claiming the boxer had threatened him. The chihuahua, he said, got caught in the crossfire. Police officers have also recently shot dogs that were chained, tied, or leashed, going so far as to kill pets while merely questioning neighbors about a crime in the area, cutting across private property while in pursuit of a suspect, and after responding to false burglar alarms.”

      • Leon Rosby was a previous police victim. He had won a lawsuit against the police dept for excessive force (beating the crap out of him and holding him for days over a verbal argument with his wife). His only other criminal record was for possession of some weed 20 years back. The police, especially the one involved in the previous incident, was present at this shooting. He was filming them because he knew what level of harassment they were capable of. The dog was upset only after they arrested him (no just cause AGAIN) and the dog was not attacking anyone. You sir, are as bad as the mental case cops responsible for the rampant abuse of citizens.

        • Shari please update your info. He has not won anything yet. That was just filed in March. The lawsuit is in reference to “excessive force” used by officers that responded to a a domestic violence dispute 911 call made by Rosby’s wife. Meaning his wife called 911 because she was either afraid for her life or Leon was beating her…
          Leon should have secured his dog. HE KNEW he was being arrested (or did he leave the dog unsecured on purpose?) Either way Leon put his pet in danger. Why pull the dog out to record the police? He could have left the dog SECURED in his car.

          • I stand corrected; he has an additional lawsuit against this same department for previous unjust behavior and treatment. I hope this incident will give him reason to file another one. “Knowing” you are going to get arrested for nonsense AGAIN does not excuse the unjustified behavior of this police department and this officer.
            I can’t believe so many people think this way; that the cops are going to be abusive so “you should know better”. Submit to tyranny? I don’t think so. If his intentions were to let a dog attack them, he would not have even bothered to place the dog in the car in the first place.

          • No, it is the same lawsuit Leon just added this to it. Mind you that the officers named in the lawsuit were called to Leon’s residence by a 911 call made by his wife because Leon was beating her. Leon was then arrested for domestic violence. That charge was later dropped when Leon’s wife declined to press charges. That is when Leon started the lawsuit. Very common money grab tactic…

          • I don’t buy that. I have worked in domestic violence shelters; domestic violence laws dictate that the aggressive party will be charged regardless of participation or testimony of the victim; it has been that way for over a decade due to obvious reasons. And you can’t “add on” to an existing lawsuit. Nonsense.

          • Really? Then go lookup the lawsuit and police reports (both the officer and the wife have statements that mostly match) Everything is public record. If you ” worked in domestic violence shelters” you would know that.

            …and it is REALLY hard to prosecute a husband when the wife says it never happened. Working in domestic violence shelters you would know that too.

            See this is where I know that everything you said above is a lie. Leon’s lawyer in several stories covered about this story report this added the the existing lawsuit.

            PLEASE don’t take my word for it. Go look it up, prove me wrong.

          • You have only proved your ignorance of domestic violence issues. Domestic violence laws do not require the abused party to testify (only documented abuse by domestic violence workers and the police is used as evidence). VAWA mandates that agencies that receive federal funds use evidence-based prosecution, not requiring the victim to testify.

            You seem to be very pro-police brutality. We shall see how long that lasts in this world.

          • Violence Against Women Act of 1994? In so many words investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against women, imposes automatic and mandatory restitution on those convicted, and allows civil redress in cases prosecutors chose to leave unprosecuted. Yep know all about it. See how quick those cases fall apart with the only witness (woman/man) refuses to press charges and/or testifies for their significant other that the injuries they had at the time of the call came from an accident that happened earlier in the day and or week. If you worked in domestic violence shelters like you say you do then you know exactly what i am talking about even if you do not want to admit it.

            I am not pro-police brutality but then again I am taking in all of the events that happened not just the final moment where the dog was shot. Seriously go do something better with your life then trying to argue with someone over the internet about a situation neither of us were present for.

          • You are truly, completely clueless. Thank goodness for people who work for those in need. If we relied on the public for outcry of such injustices, things would be much worse. Keep yourself on forums at least…fairly harmless here.

          • Yes “backwards” I should quickly google acronyms and site my opinion (even if I have no experience in the field) from a pseudonym profile. THAT will give me real credibility like you have. Gosh, what was I thinking…

          • lol, saying I Google everything and that I use a fake profile to attack my credibility is pretty pathetic, nothing better to say?

            For one Google, or any internet search engine actually, is a great way to look for specific information. If I was going to post about something I was uncertain or unfamiliar with, I would do my research as any semi-intelligent person would.

            As far as the pseudonym profile, i’m not the fool using her real name and photo on the internet am I Sharon, but thanks for taking us off topic. I’m pretty much done here.

          • No, actually your own statements reflect your lack of credibility but yes, to google an acronym, read the first Wiki paragraph on what it is about (Yes, Backwards, its obvious that is what you did) and then discredit the person who sites it is pretty pathetic. If all you know about VAWA is the initial date of signing, I wouldn’t go knocking it. Yes, you are pretty much done here aren’t you.

            Although none of this has anything to do with the fact that the police shot a dog that belonged to an innocent man who was exercising his right to stand on a public sidewalk and film what was way beyond any police lines.

          • Wha? I must have you riled because you are mixing things up now. I only typed out the acronym for any of the popcorn munchers that might be following along. Well, that and to make sure we were on the same page. I also think you need to scroll up and re-read previous posts. I said alot more about VAWA besides the sign date, lulz.

            …and yea I am done. All of your posts have been littered with inaccuracy’s and have been inconsistent with content. It is really hard to follow stupid so I am off to better things.

            Leon was an idiot for messing with the police and he got his dog shot over it. nuff said.

          • Nothing I have posted is inaccurate. What this comes down to Mr. Anonymous is that people have had enough of this police brutality and the sheep who defend them.
            20 years ago, before cameras were on every cell phone, most people would give the benefit of the doubt to the police; now we know better. Police spraying innocent protesters, arresting people for nonsense charges, (including filming their actions from way behind police lines), and subsequently shooting their dogs. You are either a plant or a sheep, but either way, you are outnumbered and more people are waking up each day. You can throw all the names you want from behind your anonymous online ID, but it won’t slow the growing awareness down.

          • Alot of what you have posted is inaccurate but at this point I am tired of going over the same things with you.

            Fact is that Leon stopped is car in the middle of the street (illegal) when he saw officers. (Armed robbery suspects in house) Leon turns up stereo which interferes with the police trying to communicate with said robbery suspects in house. Leon takes dog out of car and while walking back and forth near the police perimeter which shouting insults (everyone else was across the street keeping a safe distance) Leon ignores police requests for him to lower the radio in his car and keep back. Leon’s actions start to interfere with the police. Police make the call to arrest him because of that. Leon sees officers walking twords him so he carelessly puts his dog in the car. Police arrest Leon. Dog comes to masters rescue and gets show. Yea….TOTALLY the officers fault. Now if only Leon had kept on driving and minded his business we would not be here arguing about a situation we only know about because of two videos. LMFAO.

      • It’s his fault his dog died. He should have properly secured his dog because he knew what was going to happen with those officers.

      • When officers started towards him, he put the dog in the car, you are a fucking idiot incapable of watching a video and obtaining the actual information from what you see apparently, go back to your Chief of Police, apologize for failing to convince anyone of bullshit and go back to sucking Israel’s dick you fucking piece of shit.

        • Lulz, Way to ignore everything else that happened in the video as to WHY the officers started walking twords him in the first place.

      • and you’re some little bitch eating cheetos waiting for his porn to download so he can just wack his junk which he just learned how to do. Kill yourself no one cares

        • Awe more high school name calling how cute. By the way proper sentences do not start with the word and. Apparently you care enough to type out a reply. ;)

      • He put the dog back in the car. Wtf are you talking about? If they were that concerned with the dog, the owner that they had cuffed could have subdued the dog. The dog did not even react until the cops pulled a gun, and began to get rough with the man. The man put the dog away for a reason. Looked to me he was getting ready to leave when the officers decided to bother him.

        • I am not in dispute that the dog was put away. Leon should have never removed the dog in the first place. When he put the dog away he should have tied the leash to a seat or rolled up his windows. Failure to secure the dog put it infront of that cops gun. Why does someone need to bring a large breed out (even if on a leash) to video tape the police in the first place? Think people… think. ^.^

          • Why did he put the dog away? Yea think. Is it against the law to walk your dog? Yea think.

        • About what part? Leon being a shitty pet owner that put his own ego infront of his pet life? Dog should have never been taken out of the car in the first place. What the cops did and if it was the right or wrong thing to do can be argued till the end of time, the actions that put that dog infront of the officers gun cannot.

    • or drop him in a back yard full of hostile rottweilers…give him a chance. See that tree? There’s a gun about 30 feet up in that branch…

  1. Anonymous, If you really want to help.. post the name and address of every single PIG that works at Hawthorne P.D.

  2. Dogs are liabilities and they could not take the chance of the dog attacking them. Just because you guys hate cops because they fuck with you cause your doing illegal shit doesn’t make it wrong.

  3. It seems to me like the guy was intentionally looking to place himself in a situation of that sort. Pretty sh*tty of him to use his dog as a tool to create a situation. Who the f*ck puts a potentially aggressive dog in their car to deal with something and leaves the windows down, knowing the dog might not stay? Cops could have sprayed the dog and the dickhead owner could have rolled up the windows slightly–or stayed the f*ck home.
    Both sides are at fault. Idiots. Humanity = fail.

    • I’ll agree the guy was kinda looking for trouble to put himself in that situation, people after all or mostly idiots than not. However, if Max was only two, how would he have known his dog would have jumped out of the car, there wasn’t anything violent going down.
      Windows- hot in LA
      Cops- could have used taser or pepper spray
      Both parties, dumb guys resulted in Max’s death- irresponsible dog owner, irresponsible gun owner…

    • I hope he has lots of things for sale on Craigs List that would attract dubious people…tell them not to call before midnight, workin the swing shift…

  4. If I had been a bystander, they would have locked me up . I can’t get over it visually. I wouldn’t have stopped wailing.

  5. one of these days the government will understand what fear is all about….

    We know longer fear the government ,they should fear us.

    We are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, and we do not forget… Expect us…”

  6. Dog murdering bitches…I’d rather see one of them struggling and kicking in the street than that poor dog.

    Hey pigs, let’s test my humanitarianism. Set yourselves on fire and see if I put you out with my mighty urine stream…

  7. It was an immediate unlawful arrest as they proceeded to detain the man for obviously nothing. They had no right to do ANY of they actions they took. Crooked ass pig scum.

  8. The cop shot the dog out of stupidity, NOT out of respect for any “law”, NOT because his life was actually threatened, he did it just to prove a
    point. That they (the police) have the power to do what they wish to
    do. In my opinion, if the police departments and those who work the
    force want the respect of the public, then they should be held to a
    higher standard than the public, thus having stiffer punishments and stricter laws to abide by as they are “supposed” to up-hold the
    law, not break the laws they claim to up-hold simply because they have a

  9. You know, I know this steak doesn’t exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize?

    Ignorance is bliss.

  10. kill that cop….what a piece of shit….he deserves to lose his job and get locked up and tortured…i hope this anonymous group wipes him out financially and fucks his life up!

  11. the cops showed up at my house when we called for an EMT and almost shot my dog. I had to physically step between the dog and the police to stop them. They yelled at me. I told them to get the f*** off my property, they were not requested,

    • *IF* you called 911 when you called for an EMT it is standard for police to show up. *IF* you called for an EMT why did you not secure your dog as to provide safe passage of the EMTs to your home? Sounds like another Internet story to me.

  12. You know, I know this steak doesn’t exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize?

    Ignorance is bliss.

  13. To those defending the cops, you guys are pathetic at best. This is an ongoing problem with police departments all over the place. Don’t get me wrong, this guy is a complete tool who has had prior run ins with these cops but at the same time he did nothing wrong, be was behind tbe police cars and was not interfering with t hhhhh e operation. Now as for this blaring radio? Where was it, I didn’t hear a radio blaring in either of the vids, I was able to hear all of the people that were standing around, the police, the dumbass and the dog barking very clearly. The man did not resist and actually backed up to the police with his hands behind his back. Once the dog started barking those two cops could have very easily walkedhim over because he was being cooperative and had him wind the windows up half way and have someone come get the dog. Now once the dog did get out he actually had the dog stopped and in a non aggresive state with the use of verbal commands. You could actually see the dog in a excited state , butt wagging and semi relaxed, all was good until Salmon the douchebag came in behind the three that were standing there and lunged at the dog to grab the leash, the dog jumped back and became aggitated again then the dumbass lunged at him again to grab the leash and the dog lunged back , that was when he shot him, after the first shot he was running away and the asshole kept shooting but then for some reason he allowed the dog to flip and flop around in pain instead of atleast having the courtesy to finish him off… first off the third officer should never had gotten involved the situation was under control. Second off you never make sudden movements toward a allready stressed out dog. Third, the cop could have tased the dog. This 0fficer Salmon is a complete douchebag, and has a track record to back it up… complete asshole, then to release a statement that he shot the dog to protect the man they had in custody is a complete effing joke…. I wish no harm on cops but I can promise ya I would have been in jail if this happened at my house.

  14. why cant cops overpower dogs or women wielding a knife? dont they have physical training, weapons training, hand combat training? if they’re incompetent in field, why are they in the field? or are they really just donut lovers with guns? man up, put yourself at risk for others, isnt that what cops are for? or are they just authoritative personnel that sees everything in black and white, criminals and potential criminals?

  15. I wonder if this is like the one story that happen on New Years … I though I grab my taser and oops it was my gun … Bang bang bang I didn’t mean to do it .. I swear it was my taser …

  16. this guy is just takin pictures of all these fuckings cops holy fuck a lot of cops on a corner wasnt a police station it was a public corner

  17. first off this isnt a grammer test.. animals dont have a choice when leashed and being dragged around by some dipshit. every human in this issue is to blame. PERIOD. your argument is futile. guys and idiot.. cops are dicks. dog is dead. the end. as for you shit talkers.. get off your ass and take to the streets. until then your just another pointless head in the flock of sheep. thats right , talk talk talk. bitch bitch bitch.. type type type hide hide hide and COWER begind your Dell

  18. no bye law the man was behind the police cars the officers should of never called the man out ,,it is you wright under the 2-3-4 amend as freedom of speech and public filming at all times and has the wright to ask any ?? at any time to a officer,,the man did not break any laws as of moving into line of fire or passing of the police cars,,remember the police works for you and cops forget that,,we the people make their paychecks,,if you watch the dog turned and started sniffing the ground as the officer reached the first time and the dog was still sniffing as he reached the second time as many times a female dog leaves a scent on the ground,,the dog did not try to attack as officer put owner in hand cuffs it was after the dog was sniffing the ground,,the dog was shot 3 times you can hear the shots,,this was a total screw up on part of the cops,,the owner had all wrights to do what he was doing,,the man never got in any officers face or moved toward them at any time,,A good lawyer would have a field day with this,,not a damn thing would of happen if the officers stuck to the laws !!!! and the wrights of the public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You are correct that in *most* states it is legal to video tape officers. You are right that Leon did not get in the line of fire or pass the police perimeter. When you obstruct the officers from doing their job you can and will get in trouble. Leon ignored repeated requests to turn his radio down and to keep away from the police perimeter while at the same time yelling out taunts like “why are there no black police here” (You cannot hear it on this one because anon is talking over it. IF you want to TWO videos I can post the links)

      Leon was taken into custody on obstruction charges.

      If the dog was never taken out of the car in the first place the dog would still be alive. Can we atleast agree on that?

  19. […] Anonymous bloquea la web del departamento de policía de Hawthorne [Eng]   […]

  20. I have read some of the post and what some dumb ass post as the people need to get law smart and learn some laws before you post dumb crap and you wounder why the police get away with all types of crazy arrest and other,,I will say it again under the 2-3-4 amendment the owner had all wrights to ?? officers film or other,,not at one time did a officer walk up and warren the owner of interference at all,,they walked a half of block away then came to the owner and call him and put cuff’s on him,,the dog was on a leash and even in hand cuff’s the owner could of handled his dog at any given time,,remember people we pay the pay checks of any officer they work for you and the public ,,most officers dont know the 2-3-4 amendement wrights of the public,, if you say I KNOW MY WRIGHTS UNDER THE 2-3-4 AMEND officers rethink as they have a recorder on that goes into the data bank in partrol car !!!! if it would of been a fox hound or a beagle hound the officer mite not have a hand,,they are meaner than a pitt bull or rock trust me on that!!! beagle and fox it is in their blood to hunt and kill and be loyal to there owners and protect !!!

    • -The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights that protects the right to keep and bear arms.

      -The Third Amendment (Amendment III) to the United States Constitution prohibits, in peacetime or wartime, the quartering of soldiers in private homes without the owner’s consent.

      -The Fourth Amendment (The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable causeIV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause.


      None of these amendments cover the right to video tape an officer.

  21. Correct me if i’m wrong, but i was under the assumption that these boys in blue “doing their job” are trained officers of the law? Should they not know how to properly handle a “situation” before resorting to pulling their weapon out and murdering ? I’m 125 pounds and a female, and i’m pretty sure i could have taken a hold of the leash that was still on the dog and removed the dog. As a trained officer that is supposed to serve and protect, why the f*ck could he have not taken the dog to safety out of harms way ? Out of everyone’s way? This cop has some F*cking Karma coming back to him and I hope it hits him hard were it hurts. I don’t care what the situation, there are animal abuse laws and animal laws the rest of us have to follow, what gives him the right to just pull a gun? I’m pretty confident that police are trained to deal with situations where dogs are involved and to just pull your gun on an innocent dog because your a B*tch with a gun and murder it for doing what a dog does instead of pulling your ass outta your head and getting the dog to safety and out of the stressful situation, is nothing but complete bullshit!

  22. doesnt matter who the idiot human was strollin around recording da cops activities like so many other drama happy video makers of this world the fukn cops had no rite 2 shoot the poor kid tht was just doin his doggy job protecting his human nd the way that critter suffered is just sickening nd people are prosecuted nd jailed nd fined all the time for animal cruelty nd it seems tht these assholes with a fkn badge can just do as they please nd not be held accountable…i personally have been threatened b4 by a cop wanting to shoot my dog nd i came unglued!!!FUK THESE ASSHOLES WTH BADGES THINKIN THEY CAN DO WHAT THE FUK THEY WANT JUST CUZ THEY HAVE A FKN BADGE!!!!!

  23. Although I was made aware of this sad case with ‘Max’ right
    at its beginning, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the clip because knowing of its
    sad outcome; however, once I did I make this observation; yes, ‘Leon’ was taunting
    the police for whatever reason/s, but his taunts were going no further than
    legally filming them – and for those who state here that he was filming them within
    a police perimeter, he was not; there was no police perimeter established
    (taped off), making his subsequent arrest ‘illegal’. Once he suspected the likelihood
    of his arrest he sensibly secured his dog within the car, however, making the justifiable
    oversight that one window was still open. The dog seeing the actions of the
    police got understandably agitated and leapt out of the car in defence of his
    owner, however, this was obviously no aggressive dog, just an agitated one – *and*
    the police should have realised this. – The police were out of order, not Leon –
    and as far as I am concerned the least that should be recommended against their
    actions towards the death of Max, is the sack.

    • police perimeters can be established with more then just the yellow tape. The whole Yellow tape = police perimeter is a thing used in movies to show the audience watching and it makes the movie more believable.

      Leon should have never removed the dog. Why take the dog out to film? No reason for it…

      • No, without being taped off the perimeter can never be precise
        and Leon never went beyond the boundaries in which he considered to be an infringement or hindrance to their operation. – And why shouldn’t he have taken the dog out of the car if he had felt that he wasn’t breaking any laws, let the dog have little bit of exercise at the same time. As far as I am concerned, he played it right when placed the dog back into the car once realising of his imminent arrest, – all be it with an oversight of the open window…

        • Ok fair enough I can see where you are thinking. Police cars are the #1 item used when making a perimeter and one car can make a perimeter. (in the case of pulling a driver over, the space between the police car and the car being pulled over is considered by law an active police perimeter) I do agree that Leon did not pass that perimeter but he did ignore commands to move away.

          Not turning down the loud radio in his car after several requests and his approach to the perimeter with a rather large dog after several requests to keep back** (everyone else had the sense to watch from far away). The requests to keep back were for his safety as well as the officers. There were armed robbery suspects inside the house.

          I agree with you about the open window. That oversight lead to the dog getting killed. :c|

          **The above video does not have audio as anon taped over it. There are two different videos of the same situation. In those you can hear what Leon says and what the police say better. The 1st video has been seen the most. The other not as much.



          • I really don’t know the criteria over there as to what would have been construed as designated police operation perimeter
            without it being ‘taped’ off, but here the police will tend to cordon off any operation area with tape and if not, the pavement/sidewalk seen within the clip, would not
            have been off-limits to any pedestrian wishing to take a walk along it. – Leon may have ‘ignored commands’ to move away; however, at no time did I see him ‘breathing down their necks’ as to receive any justifiable command.

            I make no comment against the complaint by the police and their recommendations towards loudness of his cars radio,
            since not having that information at hand.

  24. I’ve seen cops shoot chained dogs and unchained dogs acting in a nonthreatening manor. Cops are such pussies. If that was my dog I’d definitely want revenge.

  25. Seriously? Because they were dealing with s robbery and didnt have time to deal with a big ass dog attacking them they get attacked by some vigilante hackers? Seriously? I would have shot the damn thing too. Let those “pigs” do their job and keep us fucking safe

  26. Fun fact: Leon Rosby’s lawsuit against the police is for claiming excessive force after one of his ribs was broken when police responded to his home for a domestic violence call. Domestic violence… The call to 911 was made by his wife. The lawsuit only appeared AFTER his wife dropped the charges against Leon. So among other things Leon is also wife beater. Anon you after the wrong person. Figured you guys would do a little more background checking before attacking someone. |c:

    • The dog is a wife beater? Also, many women call the cops for a simple heated argument claiming domestic abuse. If the cops broke a rib, they broke a rib. Your point?

      • Leon is the dogs owner, the guy that got arrested. Leon was arrested and went to jail on that domestic abuse call. That only happens when there is obvious proof of battery. (Meaning proof that Leon was beating his wife) His wife later declined to prosecute so the charges were dropped.

  27. consider this. The dog shooting incident may have gone down as reported (or not…), but the idea that some organized super-group calling itself Anonymous is making a big effort to screw up things for everyone with the not-as-yet-fully-reigned-in internet screams BULLSHHT. The global bankster population-control intel know good and well that the only way to control dissent is to lead the dissent. Anonymous, imho, is nothing more than the posed resistance that is promoted by this intel. as “the culprits” while they implement their disgusting control methods “because of” such. The multi-million dollar film “V” was clearly green-lit for production to mass market this controlled direction of dissent. Prove me wrong.


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