On July 24, Anonymous Hackers hacked and leaked close to 10,000 usernames and passwords from Intercessors For America, a group “of like-minded people who recognized the need for God to intervene in U.S. governmental and cultural issues.”

According to a news by Cyber War News, which reports about the hack and leak about this, they reports that Anonymous leaked close to 10,000 usernames and passwords.

They wrote:

“a raw sql extraction which contains user accounts and administrator accounts as well as server accounts. Account details are mostly email addresses and clear text passwords with the administrator and server passwords being encrypted. All together there is 9,885 non duplicated email:password combos found.”

Hackers wrote in the leak:

“This leak is in the true spirit of Anonymous. Any individual trying to claim responsibility for it is not the hacker who did it,”

At this time website is running properly and nothing updates came out from the Intercessors For America, when the updates come, we will update that here.



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