Snowden leaks are going on and increasing day by day and now Anonymous compromised the FEMA (US Federal Emergency Management Agency) and leaked data from their highly secure systems and they Hack US Congress, Email Addresses and Passwords and Leaked all of them (FOR SNOWDEN).

FEMA Leak:

According to softpedia The hacktivists have leaked information on government contractors, subcontractors and employees.

(Anonymous stated)

“This is a message from some of us, to FEMA, to various world governments and to their complicit corporate lackeys who dwell in the shadows as well as to the 2.5 billion regular people who use the internet and have found that their right to privacy has been utterly destroyed,”

FEMA’s 2012 cyber security exercise – designed to increase the understanding of cyber threats, and to test the cyber event response and recovery processes and capabilities of the government-private sector – was “part of the ongoing justifications” for PRISM and other NSA programs that threaten online anonymity and privacy.

“Anonymous has purposefully redacted logins, passwords, SSNs and other details that might genuinely endanger the United States from this document, our intent is not to harm, merely to issue a firm warning,” the hackers explained.

Leak Links



3. For 3rd Leak check out the Update at the Bottom of the news.

US Congress Leak:

Anonymous hackers also claim to leak the email addresses and passwords of the members of the US Congress and their staff.

According to softpedia there are 1,800 records from:


with clear text passphrases.
(Anonymous stated with the data)
“For the purposes of being far too generous with you guys, we have removed some of the passwords and shuffled the order of the remaining ones,”
“These are all current, valid credentials but they are not in the original pairings. We reserve the right to spontaneously decide this restraint was unjustified,”

Sofpedia also wrote that it’s difficult to verify if the data was actually stolen from the systems of the US House of Representatives or the Senate.

Leak Link –

UPDATE— According to an update  a system administrator told the Atlantic Wire  The passwords that Anonymous leaked are inaccurate

Update (24-07-2013)

Anonymous just released the 3rd Leak regarding the FEMA Leaks and above you can see the two FEMA leaks Anonymous already leaked, Anonymous tweeted regards this Leak:




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