Anonymous calls everyone to join Brazil’s Protest on September 7, thousands of the people will join this protest on the streets and according to Anonymous this will be the Biggest Brazil Protest and named #OpMaisPãoMenosOpressão on twitter.

Anonymous calling the Brazilian people to join the protest on the streets and calling other online users from the world to join:

Anonymous says through their BLOG:


Greetings world! On September 7, thousands of people go to the streets to protest, a demonstration that will mark history will have worldwide repercussions! This protest is having support and dissemination of various Facebook pages that decided to unite for change in general! We invite all who live in the country and abroad to organize and protest shows the strength we have to demand our rights and put our wills in a way never seen before! Claims are different suggestions as targets of the protest! Publicize the # OperaçãoSeteDeSetembro in different social networks! Publicize the biggest protest in the history of Brazil!
Visit the Facebook event Biggest Protest in the History of Brazil
Also add some links with suggestions for cover photos to Facebook at the moment we have three available that you can download on the links: http://imgur. com/naiLDg8 If you have a blog, website, or anything else of the kind, do a story touting the largest protest in the history of Brazil!

Anonymous released a Video on youtube Regarding the Protest:

More than 256,000 people are going to take part in the event launched by Anonymous Hackers.

Anonymous also hacked Brazilian Govt. Stuff in the past:

We will cover up this Online Protest by Anonymous and update you with the every movement of Anonymous regarding #OpMaisPãoMenosOpressão.




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