Again someone is hitting Turkish Govt. under #OpTurkey and that is TeamHackerArgentino,a Hacker team who leaked 11 email to the Presidency of Turkey.

Hacker group message us about the leak and also tweeted from their official account, they leaked these emails on pastebin and still there.

After a recheck of the pastebin link, we saw that there is more info along with the emails, like:


  • Registrant:
  • Ankara (Govt. Phone Numbers and email)
  • Administrative Contact:
  • Technical Contact:
  • Billing Contact:
  • Domain Servers:
  • Additional Info:

We also tried to find the same data on Google but we were unable to find, so it could be a genuine leak, #OpTurkey is the long time event by Various Hackers against the Turkish Govt.

We prepared a list of Damage under #OpTurkey, there are complete info of the hacked stuff by various hackers and Anonymous and RedHack on the top, who is responsible for the hacks of Turkish Govt., in result of the Hacks of RedHack, Turkish govt. called them terrorist.



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