Anonymous Hackers managed to take down the official website of Turkey’s Prime Minister ( – (Report)Cyber Attacks were not stopped here; A Combo Cyber Attack of (Anonymous and Syrian Electronic Army)  on the Prime Minister’s website leaked more than 60 Gov. Email Login Credentials related to the P.M Website.

We also reported yesterday, a list of websites hacked under #OpTurkeywhich also contain govt. websites of turkey.

As the press release coming from the both ends (Anonymous and Syrian Electronic Army) not matching with each other because Anonymous Hacker press release say that they leaked username of the login credentials and will not leak any of the password as they respect privacy, on the other hand it seems Syrian Electronic Army doesn’t respect privacy they leaked the Full list of username and passwords of Gov. Emails.

Anonymous also stated a Note in their press release:
Anonymous has also recovered phone numbers and passwords for many of these users. However:
  • Anonymous will not share any phone numbers because Anonymous respects people’s privacy.
  • Anonymous will not share most of the email passwords because Anonymous does not believe in the full use of power against the weak. Anonymous truly believes there is big lesson for those who think on the above 2 points.
If needed, anonymous will disclose one password, so citizens of the world can attest to the genuine hack and to the value of this information. Anonymous will choose a user whose mailbox contains thousands of emails, yet there is no secret or classified information in those emails.



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