Turkey-Turkey-Turkey everyone watching daily news regarding the protest and from the side of hackers, everyday they are also hacking  something new related to Turkey.Like we just reported about a govt. website which was taken down by the Anonymous Hackers and now according to a tweet RedHack also tweeted their hack of Ankara (Capital Of Turkey) police department website.

The website has been taken down by the RedHack and everyone know why it is taken down “the Turkey Protest

Tweet of RedHack regarding this:

Ankara Police is DOWN! They killed Ethem Sarisuluk!… @anon_central @youranonnews #Anonymous
— RedHack ★ (@TheRedHack) June 12, 2013

We also updated this website to the List of Damage under #OpTurkey, there you find many other hacks by hackers under their #OpTurkey.
Screenshot of the down website:



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