Anonymous Brazil Protest

Before one week we reported that the Brazilian Anonymous hackers attacked one of the govt. website of Brazil – because of just the increase in tariffs in Public Transport, after that no body could think about that 1 Million Protesters will stand in Brazil against this.

This mess started with increase in tariffs and  broadened into wider protests over economic and social issues. Since then, both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro have agreed to roll back prices on bus and metro tickets.

Now Anonymous Brazil more widely stands with the people of Brazil against the Govt. and hacked  Websites of Brazil which includes govt. one also and on 17June Anonymous Brazil also hacked the Brazil World Cup Website and Replaced 2014 FIFA World Cup Website With Protest Footage [VIDEO]

Govt. Websites hacked by Anonymous Brazil:
Non-Govt. Websites Hacked by Anonymous Brazil

We got these website from an Anonymous Hacker on twitter and hackers also stated they more to coming soon.

You will see always Anonymous Hackers stand with people in these types of Public protests like the Last one was Turkey Protest in which Anonymous and #RedHack Group messaged to people of Turkey “You are not alone” and in result of this they hacked many websites of Turkey including the Govt. ones, here is the List of Damage under #OpTurkey.



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