After the hacking operations #OpIsrael, #OpUSA & #OpPetrol, now Anonghost launched #OpBurma and according to video the Cyber Attack will target Burma on 15-08-2013.

There is not any hit list of the targets; just they will lineup everybody on 15.

Hackers released their Official Members and Intro for #OpBurma:

This is our war now.
OpBurma By AnonGhost team.
Expect Us.
Official members of AnonGhost :
Mauritania Attacker – Virusa Worm – SpitFir3 – Deto Beiber – BL4ckc0d1n6 – Dr.SàM!M_008 – Kais Patron – Ian Surgent – M3GAFAB – Gbs Aremiey – Mr Domoz – Tak Dikenal – Chahid inj3ctor – b3ta – AnonxoxTN – Spec Tre – PsyferR – Raka 3r00t – Gh0st_3xp10!t – PirateX – kopra1337 – Bl4ck Jorozz – Riad Spamer – VirUs AsEr AlrOoh – Younes Lmaghribi – Zaky – Joker Inside – AreTheiS

Anonghost team released a video regarding #OpBurma.


We will talk more about this hacking operation with the hackers, to know about their main targets and why they launched #OpBurma but after watching the video it is clear that the hacking operation will be conducted in the faith for Muslim.

Cyberwarzone also wrote that Anonghost team seen no action from Anonymous regarding the #OpBurma, that’s why they need #OpBurma.



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