Everyone wants twitter to take some action on its security or they should increase their security by adding some verification methods for accounts.


But on the other hand Twitter warning news organizations that they should tighten their security in the wake of several high-profile hacking.

An email sent to News Organisations in which Twitter Urging them to take a close looks at their internal measures for dealing with social media.

What steps twitter advised for News Organisations to secure their accounts:

  • Make sure Passwords should be 20 Characters Long includes random strings of Letters and Numbers.
  • Use only One Computer to log in Twitter Account
  • Also advised to have a closer relationship with the site to ensure account details are kept up to date. 

According to the BBC, security experts have said Twitter itself needs to take more action to ensure its users are protected.

Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has claimed responsibility for hack the Twitter Accounts of Guardian, AP, BBC and many more which has a large number of Followers on Twitter.

SEA also vowed to continue its attack on Media Organisations.


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