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In Syria Internet Blackout but it is not for any protest, he state news agency blamed on a fault in optical fiber cables.
Since Tuesday Landline Phones service between Syrian provinces also down. 


Google’s Transparency Report pages showed traffic to Google services pages from the country, embroiled in a civil war that has lasted more than two years, suddenly stopping shortly before 1900 GMT.


Google Showing No Activity Till now in Syrian, as you can see in the Image below: 

You can also see the Google TrafficTransparency Report 

What is the Cause for this Blackout?
It is not yet clear unless a party claims responsibility, experts said
Jim Cowie, chief technology officer at Renesys, a US company that tracks global Internet traffic, said the outage looked similar to the one seen last November.
“We don’t see any effects in neighboring countries, and we don’t see anything to suggest that the outage was caused by damage to one or another of the several cables that connect Syria with the outside world,” he said.
Others Web security firms said that the nature of the shut-down meant the Syrian government had almost certainly switched off Web access deliberately. As we noted at the time, Syrian authorities had likely tweaked routing tables, essentially re-mapping where Internet addresses lead and thereby blocking the transference of information.
Syria also experienced a nation-wide Internet blackout for three days in November 2012.
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