A Malicious Link is nearby you on Facebook which claims to give you the info that who viewed your profile but on the name of that gives you the fake and Malware filled browser add-on of Adobe Flash Player.
Beware of such links or apps claiming these types of fake stuffs, we will tell you how that link looks like and how it can affect your confidential data. 


 This Malicious link found by Praveen Kashyap (News Editor at Hackers news Bulletin), when he was on Facebook and checking posts by people and friends, he  saw a link which claiming that who viewed your profile and more than 91,543,000 used this including his friends but no one of his friends used that app, he confirmed from them. 

After that he checked that malicious link and what he got below is the steps describing how it will install as fake add-on of Adobe Flash Player in your browser and after that it will take out the Juicy Information from your system.
Malicious post looks like this:
post facebook
You will reach here after clicking on the Above link  and looks like you are on a Facebook app page but watch out the URL it’s a Malicious link and that Malware contained Fake add-on of Adobe is uploaded on Dropbox, we have located that below in the Image: 

profile fb
After clicking on Install it will command you to click allow the add-on to be install in your Browser- (BUT DON’T DO THAT) 

extension firefox
After Allowing, Mozilla also warning us to take a look that Author is not Verified and it is a Malicious add-on. 

who viewed your profile
After installing that it looks like it is Adobe Flash Player 3.7 and no one can imagine that it is a Malicious add-on 

adobe extension firefox
Details of that Malicious add-on and hacker used its homepage 

adobe player
After completing the install: 

  • Your complete activity will be monitored and all your information will be sent to the hackers.
  • It will automatically start on system startup.
  • It works like a  


  • Can hijack your online accounts, you use on that Browser you have installed the add-on.
Some Important points: 

We also checked the Malicious link on the Chrome,Internet Explorer and Opera, we find the activity of this Malicious link different on every browser, because on Mozilla gives the .XPI file which is used for extension of Mozilla add-ons, This Malicious link automatically detect your browser and gives you the different file downloads. 

  • On Chrome- it gives you .exe file
  • On Mozilla- it gives you .XPI File
  • On Internet Explorer- It gives you .EXE File
  • On Opera- It give you .EXE File
After scanning that XPI file on virustotal we find that, it can be really dangerous because it is only detected by 3 Antivirus (Sophos, ESET-NOD 32, AntiVir). 

Safety Tips:
  • Always use Antivirus for your computers
  • Beware of all these suspicious links before you click on that, if ever you click so watch out the URL.
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