Lake Zurich Mayor Thomas Poynton’s email account was hacked Saturday with a message that went out claiming he was mugged in the Philippines and needed $1,700 to return home.

“So far, I’ve been aware of it 52 times today,” said Poynton, alluding the number of calls he received regarding the email sent from his account.

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Lake Zurich (Swiss German/Alemannic: Zürisee; German: Zürichsee) is a lake in Switzerland, extending southeast of the city of Zurich. It is also known as Lake Zürich and Lake of Zürich.


Using the subject line “Horrible Ordeal … Thomas M. Poynton,” the email claimed the mayor was “attacked by some thugs around the hotel vicinity” where he was staying in Manila and lost all of his cash, credit cards and other documents. Recipients were directed to reply to the email to know where to send the $1,700 to help Poynton settle hotel bills, get an airplane ticket and return home from the Philippines.

Poynton, who won a three-way race in last month’s election, presided over his first Lake Zurich village board meeting as mayor May 6.


He said he kidded to friends, “I wasn’t in the Philippines or mugged by thugs, but I’ll take the $1,700.”
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