After the hijacking of Telegraph twitter accounts, ITV News London account was hacked by Syrian Electronic Army and this is the 4th day after the hijack of The Telegraph twitter accounts.



The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) tweeted a series of ironic and pro-Assad messages using the @itvlondon of the British broadcasting company this afternoon.



Some of the bogus tweets by SEA:

“Cameron cuts education funding: triples aid to Syrian Rebels: “Israel’s long security is the UK first priority,” another tweet read.

The hacking was claimed by the SEA that signed its stunt in a last message.

“Just kidding. The Syrian Electronic Army was here,” the group tweeted. The messages were later deleted by ITV.

After some time ITV said that:

“ITV News London Twitter account was compromised for a short time but has now been secured and the Tweets have been deleted”

Screenshot of Hacked Account (By: IBT) :

twitter itv news london

It is just the 2nd day after Twitter started their Login Verification service and today this is the 2nd twitter account because in our last news we reported about one more twitter account hack of Waratahs (An Australian rugby Union Football team) account.

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