According to Various Sources on the web, this is confirmed that India going to launch Central Monitoring Service (CMS) for the Indian Telecommunication Network.
The system, in development since 2009, will enable state agencies to monitor all digital interactions, we tried to Explore every disadvantage of this Indian Central Monitoring System as we also does not support this ICMS.
Start with the development, this CMS Project started in 2009 and Govt. spent $74 million to build the service and now it looks ready to Launch but WAIT  is there any Polls or Voting taken place to Install this CMS service in INDIA, so the answer is NO.
If we talk about the Minister of Communications & Information Technology of India Mr. Kapil Sibal, they also said at the google big tent activate summit that  regulations must not come in the way of the growth of the net, so how can he imagine that Internet will grow after Govt. expose privacy of the people.Screenshot of Kapil Sibal Press Release:
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How Govt. will use CMS to expose your Privacy?
Indian govt. will trace:
  • Your online activities
  • Your phone calls
  • Your text messages
  • Your social media conversations (Includes online Chat you usually do on Facebook or on other Social Media)
  • Your geographical location
Google also says that the number of requests from the government seeking personal information has been on the rise. In the second half of 2012, the government made nearly 2,500 requests, so after this CMS they will keep their Eye on everyone in Indian Telecommunication Network.



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