An Underground Drug Marketplace Silk Road has been taken down after it hit by a Massive Denial of Service (DDoS Attack).
According to the Administrator they got an email in which Hacker Identified as “Lance G” was threatening to Crash the Site unless it forked over the surprisingly small amount of $5,000

How Silk Road is Catching Hacker?

Silk Road is an underground drug marketplace that’s why they can’t go to Police for any help, as a result of this Silk Road administrators are offering $5k to anyone with ‘information that leads to the arrest and conviction of whoever is behind this extortion attempt’.

Rumors circulating on the web:

  • Law enforcement officials are behind the attacks.
  • Someone looking to set up a website similar to Silk Road to take out the competition.

A more prosaic explanation may rely on the sites dependence on Bitcoin, the digital currency which has experienced enormous see-saws in its value over recent months, together with a number of major scams, combining to deter buyers and sellers.

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