Yahoo Japan confirmed about a hack attack on their web portal and also stated that 200 Million User IDs have been stolen.

“We don’t know if the file (of 22 million user IDs) was leaked or not, but we can’t deny the possibility given the volume of traffic between our server and external” terminals, the company said in a statement late Friday.


The file did not include all the information needed by attackers to impersonate users but yahoo also said that users should change their passwords.


Yahoo Japan is 35.5 percent held by Japan’s mobile phone operator SoftBank, and 34.7 percent held by US Internet giant Yahoo! Inc.


The attack on Yahoo Japan’s administration system was spotted late on 16 May, said the company in a statement. When the attack was detected, the tech firm cut net access while it investigated.

Yahoo said it did not know for sure that the file had been taken but told AFP it could not “deny the possibility”.
The file did not contain passwords or other information that could be used to re-set a password or confirm an identity, yahoo also said.
Last month an attack was also reported by us on Yahoo Japan and Japanese Web Portal Goo, you can check out the the news by clicking on the link below.
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