Hacker named JokerCracker defaced more than 2000 websites, hackers usually deface websites for any protest like Anonymous do and some hackers hack for some major reasons.

But this time Hacker find a new reason and deface more than 2000 Websites, the reason which hacker tells us that today is birthday of him that’s why he defaced this 2000 websites


Hacker also sends a message to people:



Today is my birthday :D, and all can follow me on twitter, and giving me their birthday wishes on my twitter account ;


List of more than 2000 Websites defaced by Hacker on his Birthday:

Tweet of Joker Cracker towards us:


@hnbulletin #HBJokerCracker over 2000 sites #Hacked by @jokercracker –> !!
— JokerCracker (@JokerCracker) May 10, 2013


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