Hacker named Phr0zen Myst claimed to taken down the Indian Tourism Website, hacker also told us that this is because of the Increasing Corruption in India and some Kashmiris fact, the website is still down from last night.

Incredible India is the name of an international marketing campaign by the Government of India to promote tourism in India in 2002 to a global audience.

We came to know about the hack through the tweet of Phr0zen Myst and he also tell us why he taken down the website.
Phr0zen Myst stated some points why he taken down the website.
  • We want India to stop oppressing Kashmiris, they don’t want India occupying them
  • India is not ‘incredible’ it has a rape epidemic their and they rape, murder and torture Kashmiris, we want to point out and highlight this
  • There is also a major corruption problem their and politicians are often ex-criminals
Screenshot of Website at the time of reporting this news:
Tweet of Hacker:

@hnbulletin… anything but incredible! #OpKashmir
— Phr0zenMyst (@Phr0zenM) May 11, 2013

Wikipedia also say something about Corruption in INDIA
Corruption in India is a major issue and adversely affects its economy. A 2005 study conducted by Transparency International[unreliable source?]in India found that more than 62%[not in citation given] of Indians had first-hand[dubious – discuss] experience of paying bribes or influence peddling to get jobs done in public offices successfully. In its 2008 study, Transparency International reports about 40% of Indians had first-hand experience of paying bribes or using a contact to get a job done in public office.
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