The Latest comes here, just now Financial Times 14 Official twitter account has been hacked by Syrian Electronic Army and always they tweet from the hacked account that SEA was here.
This time also SEA tweeted that as we took a screenshot of that you can see in below.About Financial Times

The Financial Times Group is a division of Pearson PLC, which provides a broad range of business information, news and services. It includes the Financial Times,, a 50% shareholding in The Economist, Mergermarket (an online intelligence reporting family) and a joint venture with Vedomosti in Russia.
Accounts hacked by SEA:
  1. @FTLiveTweets
  2. @FTTradingRoom
  3. @ftphotodiary
  4. @FTDavos
  5. @FTAerospace
  6. @ftindianews
  7. @ftbrussels
  8. @ftenergy
  9. @ftwestminster
  10. @ftuselections
  11. @ftvideo
  12. @ftuseconomy
  13. @fttheworld
  14. @thelexcolumn
  15. @ftbuseducation
  16. @ftmanagement
  17. @fttechnews
  18. @FTPressOffice
  19. @FTWorldNews
  20. @FTMidEast
  21. @ftfmforum
  22. @FTLexicon
  23. @ftmarkets
  24. @ftmedia
  25. @ftcommodities
  26. @meganmurp – Chief Correspondent
We reported  14 Twitter Accounts, after that according to the Facebook update of SEA we updated the list with 26 Accounts, on the Official post by SEA there are 17 Accounts but they were more than 17, after a chat we told them to update the hacked accounts and SEA also told us that some of the tweets were deleted by the admin but we were keeping our eye on the tweets SEA was tweeting from the hacked accounts.
Screenshot from Financial Times Trading Twitter account:


Now it is also confirmed by @FTPPressOffice Twitter Account that they have been hacked

Various FT blogs and social media accounts have been compromised by hackers and we are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
— FT Press Office (@FTPressOffice) May 17, 2013

SEA is not stopping here after the Twitter account hack because just now they also leaked the premium FTP Account Login Credentials for security reasons we cannot link tweet here but have a screenshot:




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