SHARE hacked by Terminal hacker, which is a Famous website for hosting sponsored campaigns and  In addition, “millions of people sign petitions on each month on thousands of issues, winning campaigns every day to advance change locally and globally.

Hacker changed the petitions with custom backgrounds and also modified the petition for Kaitlyn Hunt to express concerns over security.

Hacker also left a message for how they managed to edit the petitions:
Did you know how Easy this all was? 

Anyone could manipulate ANY of your petitions and with no trouble at all. 

For such a great site, you have let down your guard and let petitions be editable by anyone who knew the trick. The simple changing of the petition URL and adding of only 11 characters made it possible to change any petition and one would ever want. 

Improve your security to prevent issues such as this. 

In fact this petition is a testament for your Failure. It was previously about a poor girl being prosecuted for loving another girl of a like age. 

But now I use this petition, I have changed it to be a message. 

Improve your security 

Here is the screenshot of the Petitions hacked by hacker:
  Hacker completely changed the Kaitlyn Hunt petition:
The website has been taken offline after the petitions got hacked:
Special Thanks for info from Dell Cameron
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