Bangladeshi Hackers group “Team Haxorsistz” defaced three official websites of ZEE NETWORK, Zee network is an India based entertainment network.
The Bangladeshi Hacker group attacked on the sites against the insult that was made during a reality show ‘Mirakkel’ on ZeeBangla TV channel, allegedly insulting the Bangladeshi cricketers as mentioned on the deface message page left by the hackers on all three websites.

Hackers targeted three websites of Zee Network

  1. – Mirror–

  2. – Mirror–
  3. – Mirror–

Message left by Hackers on the Defaced page:

Shame on you Mirakkel Beakkel Looser  Don’t ever dare to make comedy of our crickets. Our cricketers are our pride and bloody piece of shit Jamil, don’t return to Bangladesh, Live in India, live for India.We the people of Bangladesh don’t want to see your face here again.

Screenshot of the Image hacker highlighted:

At the time of posting this news all the three websites have been taken down by the Zee Network and unavailable.

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