Anonymous Hackers from Saudi launched their #OpSaudi against the Saudi Government and always Anonymous Hackers Group famous for (hacking for protest) and this time also Anonymous have two reasons Why they launched #OpSaudi.
The Last message also tells us that Anonymous hackers taken down the 3 Major Websites of Saudi including the Makkah Province Website (

After the tweet we checked the websites anonymous taken down and we saw that after 4-5 seconds websites arriving up and after that they are going down, seems Anonymous is working on these websites live.
3 Websites Anonymous claiming to take down under #OpSaudi:
The Two reasons Anonymous Saudi tells us:
  • A case of a prince kidnapped & killed a girl at jeddah area which past of the holy places of makkah cause a public rage.
  • Gov privacy violation as per international laws case is with @moxie getting employment mobily to break HTTPS (Salonalso explained this how @moxie got a offer of job from Saudi Govt. to break the privacy and he refused)
Anonymous also released 2 links in which their targets stated and  online DDoS tools links are also there.


Anonymous Hackers Worldwide increasing their presence and taking the govt. under pressure if they are doing something wrong & sometimes Country war also takes place of Cyber War like the latest example of the Anonymous Taiwan Cyber Attack to Philippines against the killing of Taiwanese Fisherman by Philippines.


As we said that Anonymous hackers are working live on DDoS attack to take down more websites as they say they did, they just taken down the Ministry of Interior Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
And they also tweeted about one more website but it is live at the time of writing this post.
Screenshot from the website of Ministry of Interior Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Update 16/05/2013

Just now a tweet came from Anonymous hackers that they have taken down 3 more Saudi Govt. website




After a check we took a screenshot from one of the site and we got it down as you can see below:

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