Anonymous hackers begin their new Movement 5 Stars Leak in which they leak emails data every week, today they announced leak of 4.2GB Email data of some Italian Politicians and they will continue this leak every week until their demands fulfilled, which is given below.

According to their 5 Stars Leak the publication of the emails, week by week, will emerge as the Deputat * and senators are slaves of 5 stars Grillo and Casaleggio, not only in a relationship of subjection logistics and politics, but also often psychological. 

A Pastebin post on 24th April tells about ANONYMOUS – MOVEMENT 5 STARS LEAK, in this Press release anonymous hackers describe about their motto behind this Operation #5StarLeak. 

(24-April-2013) Anonymous First released  Giulia Sarti’s email data – 1.2GB for this 5 Stars Leak at
In that Pastebin post Anonymous Hackers also stated their Demands and Conditions: 


  * Every week we will post the mail box of a * or * Deputat senator of 5 stars moving, for the next 6 months. 

  * We will stop only when our demands will be met. 



The immediate publication of: 

  * Income and assets of “Joseph Grillo” and “Gianroberto Casaleggio” 

  * Detail of the revenues from the site “” and interrelated. 

Who is Joseph Grillo?  

He is an Italian comedian, actor, blogger and political activist. He has been involved in political activity since 2009 as founder of the Five Star Movement, but does not hold any public office. He was convicted ofinvoluntary manslaughter in 1981 

Who is Gianroberto Casaleggio? 

He is an Italian entrepreneur. He is partner-founder and president of Casaleggio Associati srl, a computer and publishing company that advises on network strategies, and editor of Beppe Grillo’s blog ( He is also co-founder, with Beppe Grillo, of the Five Star Movement 

Their Message ends with some important info: 

Countdown release of the next email M5S: 

All our releases will follow on Twitter @glihackerdelpd. 

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