Image Credit (Softpedia)

Two big web portals have been hacked Yahoo Japan which is owned by Softbank and Goo which is a Japanese Internet portal owned by network operator NTT.

These both hacks are different and not connect with each other, if we will talk about the Yahoo Japan they said that they has discovered a Malicious application that harvested the details of 1.27 Million users but luckily they stopped that before any leak of their hacked data.

Now come to Goo which has locked up 100,000 user accounts because they saw unauthorized login on the accounts, they locked up because of any Financial Information loss.

In the Goo attack Hackers used Brute Force Attacks to crack the Passwords and they are urging their customers to set stronger passwords.

According to Goo representatives, The Web portal said it detected a series of brute-force attacks late Tuesday evening, with some accounts hit by over 30 login attempts per second, they also said that the attacks originated from certain IP addresses, but they failed to provide additional details.



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