Do you remember the month of March when The Biggest DDoS taken Place over the World and in results slowed down the Internet?

Now it has been revealed about that Man who was behind this Biggest DDoS Attack, he has been arrested Thursday in Spain. By the National Office of the Public Ministry was previously a European arrest warrant issued.

He is identified as 35 Year Old Dutchman SK.
K. is suspected of unprecedented heavy attacks on the non-profit organization Spamhaus, where anti-spam databases are managed. This so-called DDoS attacks last month were also performed on Spamhaus partners in the United States, the Netherlands and Great Britain. The attackers were taking advantage of forged IP addresses.

After the request of the National Prosecutor in Barcelona, the suspect’s home is searched and seized computers, data carriers and mobile phones.

The police investigation conducted in the Netherlands by the High Tech Crime Team. The arrest in Spain has been made possible through Eurojust, a collaboration between judicial authorities within the European Union.

There is no evidence that the attack on Spamhaus related to later deployed cyber attacks, among other banks, the payment system iDeal and DigiD.

Is expected to K. soon transferred to the Dutch Public Prosecution Service.

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