A Largest Link Submission website Reddit is under DDoS Attack when a news hits more , more and more… result server down and it is down from the Last two hours, their users are continue hitting the news without any knowledge of DDoS Attack , it seems really interesting that Reddit has been taken down by their own users.

The Thread which was the main reason of DDoS is:
HOLY SHIT. Marathon suspect in car chase — Explosives been thrown + shots fired! And it has collected more than 17,000 up-votes from the users.
The comment of a user which was upvoted most is 
“If this whole ordeal really is the marathon bombers, it sounds like they got caught by a campus policeman at MIT trying to plant bombs on campus, killed him, and then fled. It would explain why they had bombs ready-made and on-hand to throw at the police officers during the car chase. RIP to the cop that found them, he or she probably saved a lot of students’ lives tonight.”

We came to know about this when we saw the Yellow Note at the Top of the reddit, really we shocked after that we discovered more about that and result in front of you, at the writing of this post this yellow note is appearing below is the screenshot of that:

reddit post

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