Today is 19/04/2013 and today anonymous said that they going to launch #OPBahrain at 6:00 AM so the countdown ends and work has been started, yes we want to say that Bahrain websites are being defacing by Anonymous and as we cover the #OpIsrael and Published the Data of websites which had been hacked by Anonymous so we will publish and update the list of all the websites which will hacked and defaced under #OpBahrain.

What we saw when opened the below websites which are down:


Below is the List of all the websites which have been Down, defaced or defaced and we will update that as we get the hacked websites data:
*We are reporting these websites down according to the Tweets of Anonymous Hackers, we are not responsible for any of these websites, we are just making people aware and let them know about the Latest Hacking News.




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