As everyone know how Israel is being hacked by Anonymous Group for more than 3-4 times under #OpNorthKorea they are working on Operation Free Korea.

For this Operation Free Korea they want that North Korea abandon its nuclear ambitions and give universal and uncensored internet access to its citizens.

Release# 1– As we reported you on 2/04/2013 that more that 15,000 passwords  of has been hacked by Anonymous Hackers and that day they leaked only 6 for demo that they have hacked really

Release# 2– After that on 04/04/2013 they hacked the Twitter and Flickr account of North Korea that day they leaked released 9001 records of North Korean propaganda site hosted in China.

Release# 3– Today again through pastebin they have leaked release 2 of that in which they have leaked another 6216 members of

Details of Leak:

  • 6216 members of
  • part1:
  • part2:
  • Release #3 FAQ:



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