A New Cyber Scam is going on Skype which has affected more that 170,000 Skype users with Malcious web links, according to kaspersky Labs.

It is being reported by Dmitry Bestuzhev (kaspersky Lab Expert) in a blog post on Thursday, he said that many of the users already duped with that scam and is going on his way.

The infection vector is via social engineering abusing infected Skype by sending massive messages to the contacts like these ones:

  • i don’t think i will ever sleep again after seeing this photo
  • tell me what you think of this picture i edited short URL service shows that at the moment there are more than 170k clicks on the malicious URL and only 1 hour ago there were around 160k clicks. It means the campaign is quite active with around 10k clicks per hour or with 2.7 clicks per second!

The most of victims come from Russia and Ukraine:

Between other most probably infected countries are: China, Italy, Bulgaria and Taiwan. 

The campaign seems to be active since March 1, at least that day the short Google URL was created.

Antivirus Report

  • Virus Total shows 12 of 46 AV detection rate
  • Kaspersky AV detects the malicious sample by its cloud technology with the verdict UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic

We advice Skype users to keeo their Eye on what they are clicking do not click any suspicious link, it can steal juicy information from your system or device.

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