Now a Days SEA (Syrian Electronic Army) A hacker group which is really becoming famous after their Major hack of AP Twitter Account by which a Fake Tweet was tweeted:
(explosions at the White House in which President Obama had been injured).

After that Incident everyone is searching for SEA so we are giving you a short Intro of Syrian Electronic Army hack attacks and their info.

Here is the Major Hack Attacks of SEA (Syrian Electronic Army) from Newest to Old:

  •  The Latest one is Guardian Twitter Account Hack, 11 Twitter Accounts of Guardian Newspaper hijacked by SEA: Reported
Hacked Guardian Film Twitter Account- Source
  • After the Big One which promoted SEA like a Film star SEA hacked Associated Press’s Twitter account and wipe $136 billion from stock exchanges:


Screenshot of Hacked AP Twitter Account- Source

A chart showing the Dow Jones plunge in the moments after the bogus AP tweet was sent from the agency’s hacked account- Source

  • In recent Weeks SEA hacked CBS News Twitter Accounts @60Minutes and @48Hours: Reported
Tweets by SEA after they hacked 60 Minutes Twitter Account
  • Last Month SEA hacked 3 BBC  Twitter Accounts hacked: Reported


  • BBC Arabic Online(@BBCArabicOnline)
  • BBC Weather account(@BBCWeather)
  • BBC Radio Ulster account (@bbcradioulster)
Screenshot of hacked BBC Twitter Account- Source

And earlier this month, they slowly took over NPR’s website:

SEA was at NPR website- Source

Where is SEA, here are some ways by which you can find them:

  • They have an Official websitesyrianelectronicarmy.comavailable in English and Arabic Version

Some of the most comprehensive coverage on the Syrian Electronic Army can be found in a piece that VICE Published

SEA also has Continuous relationship with Anonymous:

Twitter has suspended their many accounts and the Latest account they have: 


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