On Friday Linode announced a precautionary password reset due to an attack despite claiming that they were not compromised but on Slashdot an Anonymous write something about the Linode that it was hacked but one thing more here Linode is saying that they were not compromised and Attacker said that they are, so where is the Proof see below

Proof is also there given by Attacker on Slashdot by that Anonymous User in which Hacker claimed to have obtained Credit Card Numbers and Password hashes, Source code Fragments and Directory listing and clearly said to a user in discussion on their IRC Channel that his account is totally compromised.

The user personal post on HE COMPROMISED posted here-

In the above post user attacker also send him the screenshot of the Directory Listing which you can see below:

list of linode
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Till now Linode issued a statement that:

Dear Linode customer,

Linode administrators have discovered and blocked suspicious activity on the Linode network.  This activity appears to have been a coordinated attempt to access the account of one of our customers.  This customer is aware of this activity and we have determined its extent and impact.  We have found no evidence that any Linode data of any other customer was accessed.  In addition, we have found no evidence that payment information of any customer was accessed.


In the statement Linode is just saying about the password reset and telling their customers that their data is safe with them but after the screenshot and the Linode user’s post it tell us another story.

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