Are you using Hewlett-Packard Printer and got an email in which a link is displayed, so be aware don’t click that Link it will spread in your Computer and will take juicy information from that.

Computer users are being warned to be on their guard, after cybercriminals spammed out an attack posing as emails from Hewlett-Packard ScanJet printers.

As you have heard about that malware which says that  a PDF of the Scan and many tricks which are old but the Latest trick of Hackers is to send a link which will redirect you to the website harbouring Malware.

This Link will redirect you to the Mal/ExpJS-N which is a Russian webpage.

This is not any hack attack , this is a type of spam and HP doesn’t deal with this only you are going to deal with this so be aware and don’t click any suspicious link or you can send us at [email protected]then we will revert back to you with that link .4

Source- Sophos



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