Hackers Search Engine

You only see the OS for Hackers, Software for Hackers but have you seen any search engine for Hackers, yes it is true there is a search engine for Hackers see the info below:

Do you know that a Hackers Search Engine on the Internet has been revealed for peering in the darkest corners of the web and finding servers, webcams and traffic lights.

Dubbed by “Shodan” which is search engine for Hackers and their Tagline is “EXPOSE ONLINE DEVICES”

According to a news website, the search engine was named after the villain in the cyberpunk role-playing games System Shock and System Shock 2. 

What Hackers can find here?

  • Traffic LIghts
  • Security Cameras
  • Webcams
  • VOIP Phones
  • Many more…

One cyber security expert even used it to find a hockey rink that could be defrosted, traffic lights for an entire city, and the controls for a hydroelectric plant in France.

Rapid 7 chief security officer said that one can log into just about half of the Internet with a default password, adding which is a massive security failure.”

When we search for Default Password on Shodan it brings up numerous servers, printers and system controls which has the username-admin and password is 1234, is this really amazing, so what will be now for those companies or users who don’t look out their security.

Independent security tester Dan Tentler, at a Defcon cybersecurity talk, said tens of thousands of webcams, hydrogen fuel cells used in military instillations, power meters, theatre lighting, heat pumps are all online, the report added. 

Well you can check Google for Shodan you will be there we can’t redirect you ;-)

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